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Professional Overseas Contractors is a website published in 2011 for defense & private military contractors that work abroad assisting U.S. efforts to train, rebuild, research and provide support in conflict/post-conflict environments throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Antarctica and Africa.

Most of the members in the community are job seekers that fulfill an array of job functions for U.S. based companies such as Security, Maintenance, Intelligence, Engineering, Construction, Administration, Logistical and Medical to name a few.

Government Contracting News  

We provide updated news that affect the government contracting community. Our readers can expect to get regular, objective and timely news content about new contracts, contractor trends, contract protest and more. We also give job searching and resume writing tips as it relates to government contracting industry overseas.

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Follow contracting news, post your resume or find a job. Search thousands of overseas contract jobs, receive job alerts or be found by recruiters. We host the world's most comprehensive overseas job board with high paying job opportunities around the world.

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Post Jobs: Get the right candidates with our automated job alert tool. Post jobs monitor your job post and track applications from your personalized dashboard. Applicants can apply for positions online, with Linkedin, or send resume directly to you.

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Finding an overseas contract job is not easy nor is finding the right candidates cleared to deploy. With our website we make the whole process practical, resourceful, and manageable for contractors overseas.