The Benefits of Working Overseas

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Professional Overseas Contractors -

Professional Overseas Contractors

The danger and demand of contracting jobs in combat zones may have benefits worth packing your bags for. Most contractors overseas make anywhere from $80,000  to $250,000 a year. Defense contracting has expanded dramatically over the last decade, particularly in the United States, where in the last fiscal year the Department of Defense alone spent nearly $316 billion on contracts overseas.

Many of the jobs for U.S. contractors can be found in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Regardless of your profession or ideal destination, there are plenty of opportunities for clearing professionals looking to make money and enhance their career and experience.

See the world

If your a retired service member you may think you have seen all you need to but you may want to experience the world as a civilian. There are overseas positions in places like Germany or Japan free of flak jackets and catching "space available" flights. An opportunity to sightsee and experience cultures along with your high paying contract job to cover your expenses.

You'll find that the pay for the same job in the states is significantly higher overseas especially in combat zones. What you earn will depend on your location, position, qualifications and in some cases security clearance Read more about security clearances. Hostile duty pay and the fact you may have all your living expenses covered can mean a significant pay day for a short term assignment.

Back at Home 

Overseas experience looks great on your resume. It shows a diversity in experience and great conversation starter at interviews. Overseas experience can indicate to potential employers that you know how to deal with diverse cultures, ideas, and people.  In this competitive job market these are not qualities that are overlooked.

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    Comment made by Ken Warren on Jul 12th 2013 at 00:04:

    I love this site

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    Comment made by Gerald Prince on Dec 4th 2013 at 04:20:

    i am looking for work any where worked as a supervisor and in a supplementry mining , both in south africa and madagascar and was in the rhodesian light infintry support commando during thr rhodesian war , any work will help . thank you

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    Comment made by Philip Duckworth on Jan 5th 2014 at 10:07:

    I am looking for working in the painting /finishing field ,I’m currently working as a supervisor for GKN Aerospace .I have experience of over 20years in fixed wing,fast jet,rotary prop, vehicle and heavy plant refurbishment.

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    Comment made by Demetrious Moses on Jan 21st 2014 at 15:30:

    Hi my name is Demetrious Moses i am interested in joining your service please contact me on my email.

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    Comment made by Abraham Mabwago on Jan 21st 2014 at 22:42:

    hi my name is abraham mabwago i am interested in joining your services please contact me on my email

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    Comment made by Larry Worman on Apr 23rd 2014 at 10:24:

    Hello my name is Larry Worman, I have over five years of overseas contracting in Afghanistan as a site manager. I would like to continue contracting over seas. Please contact me by my email [email protected] Thank you

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    Comment made by Edward Freeman on Apr 24th 2014 at 19:27:

    Interested. Background-8 years in Security/Access Control/Administrative Security

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