How to get a job with an overseas military contractor

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Private Military Contractors

Private Military Contractors

Obtaining work with an international military contractor – PMC, or a private military contractor – isn’t easy, even if you’ve the required combination of expertise and training. It also helps that you are in top flight physical state and have a criminal record that is spotless. Rank and responsibilities are determined by the value you bring to the organization you decide to work for.

Not Mercenaries

America isn’t signatory to that treaty, even though the International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries prohibits its signatories the usage of mercenaries, or from raising mercenary troops. Department of Defense mandate enable PMCs working under the auspices of a U.S. government contract to protect themselves, their customer and their customer’s assets, but a military commander must ensure the PMC doesn’t participate in operations of a military nature, such as raids or pre-emptive strikes against opposing forces.

Experience Needed

The biggest U.S. PMC, DynCorp, supplies security staff to the authorities. DynCorp requires its security staff to get at least two years’ expertise in physical security, Department of Defense anti-terrorism and force protection, and investigation and interview techniques. An appropriate background includes service with the U.S. Army military police, U.S. Air Force Security Service or a military intelligence service. A high school diploma or its equivalent is mandatory, however an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a security or political science -related discipline is preferred. U.S. citizenship and a security clearance, or the skill to get a security clearance, are needed for many duties.

Physical conditions.

Security staff should have the strength to wear proper personal protective gear, like Kevlar vests and helmets, during prolonged high-risk conditions. They need to survive prolonged intervals of combat and be not concerned about poor living conditions in distant places. International or national travel, often on short notice, is needed as well as multi-lingual skills.

Prognosis and Pay

Details on pay and the job satisfaction for foreign military contractors are sketchy and anecdotal. However, the private citizen with military expertise will benefit so long as authorities will willingly pay for private security contractors. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates referred to individual security contractors’ pay as “six-figure wages.”

Before You Join a Private Military Contractor

Discount Soldiers.

The matter about private military firms is that (like any other business) they can come from literally everywhere. Defion Internacional, for example, hails from Peru, South America. This might not appear like the most obvious place for a frightening private military–that is, until you understand that Peru endured a 20-year internal struggle that finished as recently as 2000 and is still attempting to pick up the bits. The nation is full of guys who grew up in a state of continuous conflict, and are now fighting to provide for their families in a poor market. As such, Defion Internacional has been able to hire their employees with as little as US$1000 per month. Obviously, these guys believe it’s a reasonably good salary for them, as typical monthly wages in Peru (if they manage to get work) is just around $200 a month. Defion Internacional specializes in dangerous security duties in the Middle East, but also has other lines of business including food and medical services, English teaching, and (most frighteningly) insurance. The business has been given assignments in Iraq by the US Department of State, meaning that these underpaid Peruvians have really worked with the US Military. They also have worked for a bigger US private military company called Triple Canopy Inc., although these days the latter favors to do their own hiring in Peru. Hey, speaking of Triple Canopy

A Private Army Safeguards US Officials Abroad.

Triple Canopy, like Defion Internacional, is well known to use discount South American soldiers. Yet, that is simply a modest fraction of their business. Founded by ex-members of the US Army Special Forces, Triple Canopy is a mercenary force that works primarily for the US authorities in Iraq. Their workers comprise former Navy SEALs, Rangers, Special Operations staff and police officers. Although it specializes in security and escort operations, Triple Canopy has been responsible for a few of the most demanding missions a mercenary firm can undertake. After Saddam Hussein’s fall, the firm found employment in Iraq, guarding and escorting US officials and performing other high risk responsibilities. As a firm that works closely with the military, some have dubbed them the “other army” of America.

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