I received an offer letter for employment from this website, is it real?

We do not send out offer letters of employment, requesting your information, and definitely, we do not request money for any kind of VISA. If you receive any kind of offer letter of employment with our logo, please disregard it. If you are offered employment by any company you will be contacted by a recruiter for a job interview, either over the phone or in person.

How do I cancel my Paid Subscription?

If you are currently a paid subscriber simply click here to cancel your subscription.

A job I applied to seems to be filled already.

If a job is filled before the 30-day post duration but is still active on our job board please report it immediately.

I am having a problem with my username and password.

To reset your password please use our Password Recovery form or just try creating a new account using a different e-mail address.

Error Message: 'Too many IPs (people) trying to log in to one secure area"?

You are only allowed to access your account from 2 computers/devices for security reasons. If your account is accessed from more than 2 devices the website will block your account, to prevent your account from being compromised. Blocks will be lifted after 12 hrs. or on a case-by-case basis.

Why can't we apply to jobs using our LinkedIn account anymore?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn changed its policy. They decided to no longer support this feature but, we are able to continue to support the ability of job seekers to link their accounts using LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social accounts. To maintain the integrity of our job board we have decided to link job seekers directly to the source. This will require job seekers to be more proactive when applying to jobs but, will ensure the information companies collect about you and the position you are applying for is more accurate which of course increases your chances of getting the job.

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