How to Become a Private Military Contractor without military experience

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If you want to become a private military contractor without military experience, make sure that you do careful research on the companies hiring non-military PMCs before you submit your application.

Well-known companies in the United States that you can consider looking into are G4S, KBR, Academi, Vinnell Corporation, and Northbridge Services Group. You can look for other top organizations online.

Each of the companies will have different job openings listed, so choose the one that suits your skills and experience best.

Most of the time, PMC positions that do not require military experience are firefighter, records manager, security alarm monitor, armor vehicle technician, driver attendant, water treatment plant operator, background investigator, proposal writer or manager, and unarmed security officer, among others.

The positions will have distinct private military contractor requirements that you must satisfy in order to make it into the interview round. So, make sure that you know your qualifications well.

Defense Contractor Employment

Defense contractors hire employees in a number of occupations. They employ engineers, human resources specialists, information technology professionals, finance executives, business development experts, lawyers, and production and maintenance staff. They also offer career paths, such as management training programs that prepare new and seasoned workers alike with opportunities for advancement, regardless of whether they served in the military.

Military Advantage

If you have a military background, you might have a leg up on the competition based on your familiarity with military and defense concepts. You could rank at the top of the shortlist if you have a security clearance that's either active or easily reactivated because many jobs with defense contractors require a security clearance. Private employers, such as Raytheon, sponsor programs for transitioning military candidates because the company "values the strategic and tactical talents that only veterans can offer."


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