Working in Antarctica—South Pole

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Professional Overseas Contractors -

Professional Overseas Contractors

Managed by the National Science Foundation, the USAP deploys roughly 3,000 people to Antarctica every year to conduct scientific research, or provide support to researchers through the operation and maintenance of the research stations and vessels. Inquiring about opportunities depends on your area of interest; however, the majority of employees are hired as support personnel.

Workers there support scientific research on the highest, driest, coldest, windiest and emptiest place on Earth requires exceptional logistics and planning expertise.  A few of the unique challenges include managing the world’s longest supply chain, building airfields on ice and snow, Mechanics, cooks, painters, carpenters, cargo handlers, computer people, electricians, plumbers, forklift and heavy machinery operators, laboratory assistants, housekeeping, buyers, doctors and nurses, communications folks, welders, administrators, chefs and laborers, working in the world’s worst weather conditions, and managing remote field camps, ice-breaking research vessels and the largest research stations and laboratories on the cold continent.

Professional Overseas Contractors -

Since the late 1960s the National Science Foundation (NSF) has increasingly relied on a prime private contractor to provide science support, operations and maintenance, logistics support and construction in the Antarctic.

Operation Deep Freeze, the beginning of America’s current Antarctic research program, began in 1955-56 in preparation for the International Geophysical Year (IGY), and the support force at that time was the U. S. Navy. However, even then, it was recognized that private companies were better equipped to provide certain aspects of support. During the first summer at McMurdo, Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I) had welders on site constructing two fuel storage tanks and a 250,000 gallon tank for aviation gasoline and a 100,000 gallon tank for diesel fuel.

As the original temporary IGY-era program evolved into the continuing research program (CARP/USARP/USAP) that it is today, the Navy remained the primary support organization except for direct assistance to scientists and their missions in the field.


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59 Responses to “Working in Antarctica—South Pole”

  1. Comment made by SUBHASH CHAUDHARY on Jul 27th 2013 at 12:35:


  2. Comment made by Benny Head on Jul 28th 2013 at 03:17:

    I am interested in working in operstion deep freeze. Please send me the site to apply for the job.

  3. Comment made by Rusty Jameson on Jul 28th 2013 at 05:30:

    Were can one apply,please send me site to apply,

  4. Comment made by ekrem60 on Jul 29th 2013 at 20:26:

    Iam interested in working. I worked as carpenter 10 years for KBR. Please send me the site to apply for the job.

  5. Comment made by Kathleen Angelos on Jul 30th 2013 at 10:26:

    I am interested in working on Operation Deep Freeze. While I was a Yeoman Second Class Petty Officer, I applied, but was promoted and unable to go. I have worked as a Defense Contractor in the Middle East from 2004 as a reports writer, holding a Secret government clearance. I could be of great service to Operation Deep Freeze as a recorder of scientific research. I respectfully request the appropriate site to apply.

  6. Comment made by almedina fazlic on Jul 30th 2013 at 10:34:


  7. Comment made by Marjan Maksimovski on Jul 30th 2013 at 12:15:

    Can I ask how to get a Job…I’m looking for a job, and I would like to ask for cooperation …I believe that you love to help, if you can, and thank you anyway …

  8. Comment made by kinyanjui kinyanjui on Aug 26th 2013 at 05:32:

    yes am interested to work in the cold zone,antarctica,
    i wokrd in north america,montreal cold regions of windy areas,freezy winds,and i survived very comfortably
    trained and qualifield Lab technician,proffesion,indutrial Chemistry,Analytical Chemistry,Nad intesive Science Laboratory Technology.

  9. Comment made by Ken Wohlwend on Sep 7th 2013 at 16:32:

    Where do I send my resume to be considered?OPS, Logistics, teuritych writ

  10. Comment made by Airbounre69 on Sep 7th 2013 at 18:12:

    Hi am interested in working out in the cold , I am ex military , close protection and surveillance trained am hard working . So please look at my CV my email address is [email protected]
    Hopefully I hear back from you Alan Stevens

  11. Comment made by Rick Tash on Sep 8th 2013 at 17:52:

    Need to send Resume please provide Info. I’m very Interested, I Have Over 35 years of Plumbing exp. 2 year’s recent exp. in Afghanistan.

  12. Comment made by Puller58 on Sep 8th 2013 at 18:47:

    Some years ago Ratheon had an opening down there for postal, but the line to get in is quite long as people will do a contract just for the sake of having done it. RCA used to have one supposedly in Greenland, but that’s a long time ago

  13. Comment made by Amin Moralic on Nov 3rd 2013 at 14:00:

    Hi any IT job in this region for me
    This is big adventure for me and im a guy who have a lot of experience in IT over 15 years in IT and lot of experience in Afghanistan what is totally different from this frozen country but also very similar
    Please consider me a man who is ready for adventure with a lot of experience who will have to let this experience to a team


  14. Comment made by LsLautar1 on Nov 4th 2013 at 07:44:

    Please allow me to introduce myself in response to an e-mail that I just received.  I have over 28 years of experience working in the construction industry.  I have an extensive background in Supervision, Quality Control, Safety, and hands on field work.  I feel that my years of experience having both worked in the civilian community as well as the military will be of value to your company. 

  15. Comment made by esmir sutic on Nov 4th 2013 at 09:32:

    I’m interested in this job I have over 16 years of experience working for a U.S. company KBR and over 6 years working in Iraq for the same company if you have a business proposition for me this is my mail address [email protected] and I can send you my summary thanks

  16. Comment made by harpreet1985 on Dec 15th 2013 at 20:44:

    I am desperately Looking for job in in US army base. with lots of experience of Computer Admin. If any position their please give me chance to work with US Army

  17. Comment made by Justin Nelson on Dec 28th 2013 at 06:48:

    Former military, currently working in Afghanistan as a PSS Medic. Previous experience in Iraq doing the same. Up to date licenses as a paramedic. Background in EMS management, firefighting, and security. I’d be interested in a position within those fields.

  18. Comment made by Lawrance Johnson on Dec 28th 2013 at 07:38:

    My name is Lawrence Johnson as a senior warehouse man. I have a experience this field more than 16 years. I was work with PAE (pacific architect engineering)and
    Seven seas ship chandeliers Dubai and Djibouti. i work with US army base in Djibouti camp lemonier. If your looking for warehouse handler Please contact me sir. here is below my email address.

    Email: [email protected]

  19. Comment made by Thomas Montague on Dec 28th 2013 at 08:58:

    My name is Tom Montague. I was a cook in the Army for 20 years. I also do security work and trained by the U.S. State Dept in security. I want to apply for a job, I need a contact to send my resume. I can be reached at [email protected]

  20. Comment made by ristem on Dec 28th 2013 at 10:08:


  21. Comment made by isangd on Dec 28th 2013 at 11:10:

    My Name is Isang, David Friday. I am 43yrs old, married. I am Nigerian. I work with Chevron Nigeria ltd in the off shore operations area as a security officer with 14 years experience. I am proficiency in computer operation, radio communication. I have certificate in bosiet training and i am interest and quick in learning new skills.

  22. Comment made by Pradip Dey on Dec 28th 2013 at 12:34:

    Hi my name is Pradip Dey and i live in India.I have lot of experience in LOGCAP as a Chef so i am interested in your company and would sincerely want to join it.

  23. Comment made by Edin Djulovic on Dec 28th 2013 at 13:55:

    Good evening

    With 7 years experience gained in CCL,KBR,FLUOR I believe I can contribute to the project 110 % of the time (Quality,Life Support,Facilities etc.)

  24. Comment made by Edin Djulovic on Dec 28th 2013 at 13:35:

    Good evening
    Please see my profile,here is the link:
    With 7 years experience gained in CCL,KBR,FLUOR I i

  25. Comment made by Charles Walker on Dec 28th 2013 at 17:29:

    Does anyone have a website to apply for the Deep Freeze job? If so could I please get it. I am very interested in working there.

  26. Comment made by Jeffery Williams on Dec 28th 2013 at 18:29:

    Interested in positions in DEEP FREEZE! Please contact me [email protected]. I have contractor experience with MPRI/Engility and 20yrs military.

  27. Comment made by ANTONY KABWEI on Dec 28th 2013 at 21:48:

    I am interested in working in operation deep freeze.i am operator in fuels, Please send me the site to apply for the job. – thank you.

  28. Comment made by Charles Timms on Dec 28th 2013 at 23:19:

    I love this website too

  29. Comment made by Kutte Ramamoorthy Prakash on Dec 29th 2013 at 01:19:

    I am a Generator Mechanic and ready to do any type of Job.I worked in AECOM and in KBR for 4 years 12/7 hours duty at U.S.Airfield,Afghanistan.Please instruct me to how to apply for this location.Thank you.
    Kutte Ramamoorthy Prakash

  30. Comment made by [email protected] on Dec 29th 2013 at 03:01:


  31. Comment made by choate on Jan 1st 2014 at 06:40:

    I am interested in working in operstion deep freeze. Please send me the site to apply for the job to [email protected]

  32. Comment made by Thomas Boyd on Jan 1st 2014 at 12:07:

    Happy New Year and a good day to you. I am interested in working in the Antarctic or any of the remote locations. My backgraound is Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic and also Supply specialist, I am retired military and have been contracting since 2000.

  33. Comment made by Tmomon2 on Jan 1st 2014 at 11:58:

    I am interested in working in operation, research, and safety. I have over 28 years of experience in the above skill sets. I have a MS/MAS in aeronautical science engineering and over 30 years of experience in aviation. Please send me the site to apply for jobs to [email protected].

  34. Comment made by James Muniu on Jan 4th 2014 at 08:16:

    My names are James Muniu, I’m very interested in an opportunity in the deep freeze project. I have worked in IT and Logistics in Afghanistan as a contractor.
    Kindly send me the site i can use to view all available vacancies and apply accordingly. You can contact me on [email protected].


  35. Comment made by francis pere wainaina on Jan 29th 2014 at 23:56:

    Where do I get the site to apply for the job in south pole? a trained water laboratory technologist and I worked as a labor foreman in Afghan..please contact me on [email protected]

  36. Comment made by John Muiru on Mar 4th 2014 at 01:21:

    Dear Sir/madam.
    I wish to apply for a position in your organization with confidence.I have a vast experience in warehouse and logistics industry,good English communication skills, written,oral and ability to use computers.I am also a certified logistics and supply chain professional with extensive hands-on experience and skills in warehouse management,documentation,inventory management and a valid international drivers license.

  37. Comment made by Jaco Beetge on Apr 4th 2014 at 05:52:

    Good Day

    My name is Jaco Beetge. I would like to apply for the camp manager’s position for the Antarctica project. I was in the South Africa defence Force for 22 years. I was a Regimental sergeant Major. In my 22 years I set up tented and building camps and started it from 0 to a fully operational camp, this was in war time and in peace time. The biggest camp I ran was 423 people. My CV is available when ever you request of it. I am 48 years old still very fit. I gym and run every day and had a recent full medical check up.

    My email address is [email protected]

    It would be a privilege to work for you as I am an venturer all my life.

    Thank you in advance and Regards

  38. Comment made by Lawrance Johnson on Apr 4th 2014 at 10:06:

    I would like work in Antarctica project as Cargo Person. I have Experience more than 17 years. I was work with US ARMY base in East Africa Djibouti Camp lemonier and Dubai Also. Below are my Contact Details.

    Email: [email protected]
    Mobile: 00919447505203

  39. Comment made by Dayna Gomez on Apr 4th 2014 at 14:34:

    To all, you can find and apply for positions at

  40. Comment made by Zana Stanic on Apr 7th 2014 at 04:04:

    OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position in Human Resources, Travel Services or Office Management where my skills and experience will add value to the organization.

    SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: Motivated professional with strong work ethic and dedication to customer service. Highly organized and efficient with excellent time management skills. Results oriented with the ability to adapt to a variety of work environments and management styles. Proficient in SAP; as well as in Microsoft applications, including Outlook, Access, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Fluently read, write, and speak the English and Italian languages in addition to native fluency in Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian. contact: [email protected]

  41. Comment made by Mario Arroyo on Apr 7th 2014 at 09:02:

    Union Electrician with Local #134 recently back from deployment in Afghanistan as an Electrical contractor who wore many hates currently looking for employment in the construction/supervisory/administrative fields. Very hard working and highly motivated to do a good job no matter the task at hand. Great communication and people skills. – See more at:

  42. Comment made by Bilo Sympathique on Apr 21st 2014 at 11:56:

    I am a young man from Algeria, I would like to work with you have a driver’s license light weight and heavy and I also have a driver’s license, drilling machine, shipping back and now factor Kon Security Institute in music composition Wajid Arabic and English accept anything from me sincerely and the rest of the fun day

  43. Comment made by aleksandar malevski on Apr 23rd 2014 at 17:27:

    I would like work in Antarctica project as Electrician. I have Experience more than 10 years. I was work with US ARMY base in Kosovo-Bond Steel as an interpreter in year 2000 . Below are my Contact Details.

    Email: [email protected]
    Mobile: 0038970639213

  44. Comment made by aleksandar malevski on Apr 23rd 2014 at 17:34:

  45. Comment made by Vesna Jovanoska on Apr 28th 2014 at 04:12:

    I would like to wark on Antarctic project……My last experiance is in Afghanistan ….Im interested to get some job…so i need to know how to apply…
    My e mail is :
    [email protected]
    cell phone number is:

  46. Comment made by Zayne Vardak on Jun 8th 2014 at 22:07:

    I wana work in Antarctica i have more than five years of financial experience both in management and support currently i am working as a Financial Controller and i am from Afghanistan i am ready to work there hope to get positive response from your side at following detail
    Name: Zainulabuddin Wardak
    F/Name: Ramazan Ali Wardak
    Place of Birth: Afghanistan
    Current Country: Afghanistan
    Cell: +93791555552 or +93799522131
    Mail ID: [email protected]

  47. Comment made by eddiewill on Jun 9th 2014 at 01:01:

    Contact Phone: Global Cell#: 910-988-6831
    International Phone#: 011966531206043
    Email: [email protected]

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am very excited about exploring additional employment opportunities with Your Company. My background includes extensive expertise in maintenance management, Fleet / Supply Management and entire site management; encompassing a diverse 24 year Military career culminating to senior level logistics management positions and 1 year as Site Management position and Off-Site Maintenance Manager in hostile environments which requires extreme knowledge in risk management. I have been a dedicated and successful Army Officer setting high standards for myself. I am confident in saying that my work ethic and talent have been instrumental in consistent promotions and a variety of jobs in continued positions of increased responsibility. I have been responsible for providing the technical and leadership foundation for organizations of various sizes, from start up to multi-tier operations. I am accustomed to handling multiple complex tasks simultaneously with the ability to focus on attention to detail without sacrificing accuracy. I am also proficient in computer applications. I have a degree and am Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified. I look forward to hearing from you so that we may further discuss my qualifications in greater detail, and the possibilities of further employment with your company.

    Eddie Williams III

  48. Comment made by STEPHEN MUTISO on Jun 10th 2014 at 14:25:

    so, how do we apply it and can u send the site for application please?

  49. Comment made by Dancan Okoth on Jun 13th 2014 at 06:05:

    Dear Sir/madam.
    I wish to apply for the position of warehouseman in your organization with confidence.I have a vast experience in warehouse and logistics industry,14 years’ experience,4 of which i have been working side by side with the U.S Army in Afghanistan,good English communication skills, written,oral and ability to use computers.I am also a certified logistics and supply chain professional with extensive hands-on experience and skills in warehouse management,documentation and inventory management.My resume is available at your convenient time.My e-mail address is [email protected].

  50. Comment made by Luke Brandon on Jun 15th 2014 at 09:27:

    I would love a position in Antarctica. Highly experienced logistics and transportation specialist.

  51. Comment made by james pierce on Aug 8th 2014 at 10:04:

    Okay, I normally do not post replies, but as someone with 44 months of ice time, I will give you my opinion.

    First, hall hiring for the summer an winfly contracts are completed by July
    Winfly is mid august until October, the exact dates change bases on the NSF needs. summer contracts are from October till February, and again exact dates are subject to change

    Winter contracts are from February to October, again exacts dates change

    Recently the contract changed from Raythoen to Lockheed Martin. so the pay and compensation has also changed. The NSF made a requirement of LM to have at least five subcontractors during their time. So this will make it harder to find a contractor who offers employment for your skills. For the trades guys PAE is your go to place.

    The assignments are a weekly salary, and your income is taxable. (We fought that battle and lost to the IRS)you will share a room with at least one roommate and up to three depending on the room you get. It is much like an old college dorm, with the bath rooms and showers down the hall. meals are provided, but fresh fruits and vegetables are scares. DO Not Be A Banana hog, just take one.

    Okay this mite sound stupid, but every season someone complains about the cold and quits before there contract ends. It is cold, bring warm cloths, get use to cold showers. This a research station in the coldest driest harshest desert on earth, not a Hyatt resort. Also I would like to mention, you are working with people from all types of backgrounds, so you should be considerate but you are not promised a place free of conflicts or opinions. If you do not like someone opinion, or political views, sit somewhere else. An lastly the support positions are open to resident’s of the US, New Zealand…. Sorry, but there are other countries with research station, try them.

  52. Comment made by Lisa Leiker on Dec 16th 2014 at 15:40:

    I would be interested in working in Antarctica – South Pole. Please review my profile on LinkedIn.

  53. Comment made by Mark Bell on Feb 17th 2015 at 18:10:

    I would be interested in working in Antarctica – South Pole. Please review my profile on LinkedIn. I can be contacted at [email protected]

  54. Comment made by Mark Bell on Feb 17th 2015 at 18:13:

    I would be interested in working in Antarctica – South Pole. Please review my profile on LinkedIn. I can be contacted at [email protected]

  55. Comment made by Marika on Feb 18th 2015 at 00:46:

    Hello, I would love to work at any angle of the world. I have worked in Afghanistan for years and now looking for new challenges, new opportunities.Please, review my profile. You can contact me on the following email: [email protected]
    [email protected] Thank you for your time

  56. Comment made by Anthony Mwagiru Njoro on Feb 18th 2015 at 03:29:

    I would be interested in working in Antarctica – South Pole as a Light Vehicle Mechanic. Please my email is [email protected]

  57. Comment made by Robert Ellis on Mar 11th 2015 at 05:49:

    I’m very interested in working in the security field. I’ve worked in Afghanistan for 5yrs and I have 20yrs experience. Thanks and look forward to response.

  58. Comment made by Damir Besic on Jan 2nd 2016 at 03:58:

    I am interested,please look at my profile or email me [email protected]

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