The Private Military Industrial Complex – Extending Conflict Duration and Quality: The Cost of Using Private Military Contractors

Post Date: February 1, 2016 | Category: The Danger Zone

Professional Overseas Contractors

The American military and Executive Branch have transitioned the way that the US engages in war strategy to rely more and more on private military contractors. This paper sought to examine the consequences that this dependence will cause. It was found that two main issues arise with the use of private military contractors and private security contractors. First their use lessons the political accountability that is necessary in preventing or ending war through the reduction of audience costs.

Second the indiscriminate brutality that private security contractors are infamous for leads to the radicalization of the population and the potential for violent mobilization against the offender. Those issues compound to one conclusion: the use of private military contractors will lead to an increase in the number of conflicts entered into and the duration of those conflicts.


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