U.S. embassy in Baghdad, still holds the title as the largest and most expensive embassy in the world.

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Professional Overseas Contractors - www.Your-POC.com

Professional Overseas Contractors - www.Your-POC.com

U.S. Embassy in Iraq is the largest, most expensive embassy ever built. It employs 15,000 people and cost $750 million to build. The Embassy opened in January 2009 following a series of construction delays. The complex is heavily fortified, even by the standards of the Green Zone. Fortifications include deep security perimeters, buildings reinforced beyond the usual standard, and five highly guarded entrances.

The mission of the United States Embassy in Baghdad is to represent the United States of America to the Government of Iraq (GOI). The U.S. Ambassador (Chief of Mission (COM)) is the President’s representation to the GOI. The Embassy is located in the International Zone (IZ) in Baghdad. The compound consists of 104 acres and is the largest U.S. Embassy in the world.

Professional Overseas Contractors - www.Your-POC.com

The main dining facility cafeteria area on the Embassy Compound is a 3,000 square meter facility that currently has a feeding and seating capacity of roughly 2,500 personnel. This area does not include the various refrigerated vans and containers used for storage of frozen, chilled and dry storage of food, or supplies. Additional feeding capacity projects are being contemplated to accommodate personnel surges. The maximum occupancy on the BEC is 2600, while Camp Condor houses 1129 and has its own dining facility.


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