Working on Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti

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Camp Lemonnier is the primary base of operations for the U.S. Africa Command in the Horn of Africa.

Camp Lemonnier provides, operates, and sustains superior service in support of combat readiness and security of ships, aircraft, detachments, and personnel for regional and combatant command requirements; and enables operations in the Horn of Africa while fostering positive U.S.-African Nation relations. Camp Lemonnier is a U.S. Navy-led installation operated by Commander, Navy Region Europe, Africa, Central via U.S. Naval Forces Africa and Commander, Navy Installations Command.SEARCH JOBS in Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti →

The Base supports approximately 4,000 U.S., joint, and allied forces military and civilian personnel and U.S. Department of Defense contractors. Additionally, the base provides employment for approximately 1,000 local and third-country nation workers.


Living in Djibouti

Living in Djibouti does not come without its challenges similar to anywhere in the Horn of Africa. Frequent water and power cuts, inflation, unemployment, malnutrition, and refugees problems are norms here. Doing business rank is low because of corruption and inconsistent commercial policies. All food and major consumer goods come through imports. But the country is a gateway of the horn of Africa, relatively stable than its neighbors, more open market, and a hub of offshore and onshore banking and finance.

Heron and Airport area are good options for ex-pats residence in Djibouti City. Rents and food prices are high. Magala and Rue de Ethiopie are commercial bustling streets where one can find amazing nightlife and better dining options. Major tourist attractions are Lake Assal, Dai, and El Mousha island. Snorkeling, camping, fishing, swimming, trekking, and football can be added to your activity list here.

For most of the nationalities, a Djiboutian visa is provided on arrival at the airport with a fee of 60 USD. If you are planning to visit, try to manage your invitation letter before coming here. If you have a Djiboutian embassy there, please check further.

Djibouti's weather is very hot and humid year-round. Summer clothing should be your choice for Djibouti. Consider Djibouti only If you have a job or business assignment here, exception prevails if you are fascinated by nomad land, hot desert, salty water, melting rocks, white fin shark in the sea, offshore banking, fishing trips, nightlife, and last but not least hospitality of Djiboutians.


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