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RESUME WRITING TIPS: Preparing your resume for working overseas

Post Date: August 1, 2022 | Category: Hiring Information


When applying for work abroad, make sure that you customize your resume to the given job, ensuring specific skills and regional experiences are addressed properly. The recruiter may not see the link between your attributes and their job, so provide connections in the resume. Including a personal statement to galvanize any important points will also be beneficial.

First impressions are very important, especially when looking at work abroad. Overseas recruiters will use this document as a symbol of your presentation and conduct, so make sure that the document is flawless and visually attractive. Don’t go overboard, though- simplicity and conciseness are the keys here.

If at all possible, a resume should be less than two pages long. Recruiters spend seconds scanning through resumes, so ensure that the information you provide is concise and will stand out to your employer abroad. Anything that is an important attribute to you should be put in bold or underlined.

Make sure not to leave blank spots on your job application as this will lead to questioning and ultimately concern from the overseas employer. Many countries in the Middle East, Asia & Europe will require this information when applying for your visa anyhow, so it’s best to get it all down at the beginning.

Selling yourself to an overseas employer or recruitment consultant will be much easier if you quantify past achievements.

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